Next day delivery on Tungaloy Spindle Nose Tooling.

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

The tooling system for unique function and wide variation.

Product offering: 

  • Short overhang.
  • Applicable for standard ER collets. 
  • Provides high gripping force and less runout with short overhang. 
  • Balanced to G2.5, 20,000 min-1
  • Symmetric design for high speed machining.
  • Provides extremely high gripping force with only a small tightening torque. 
  • High runout accuracy at 100mm. Over hang is 0.009 mm 
  • High stiffness is achieved with the clamping mechanism that utilises the face contact between clamping nut and the face of the shank.
  • The highly rigid system prolongs tool life considerably.
  • Prevents interference with the work piece due to the slim design. 
  • Preset screws available for all SC straight collets for positioning of the tool. 
  • Produced from a special steel for vibration damping.
  • Sealed nut structure.
  • No axial drawback of the tool shank when chuck is tightened
  • High runout accuracy of less than 0.003 mm 
  • Very low torque required to activate the clamping mechanism. 
  • Easy tool overhang presetting by using an internal preset screw. 
  • Symmetrical and balanced design for high speed machining of up to 15,000 min-1
  • Very convenient and safe tool change on the machine.
  • Quick and easy operation for clamping and unclamping.
  • Assembly structure: the taper goes inside the holder, achieving short overhang.
  • High rigidity and high runout due to the short overhang.
  • Taper and face make contact for maximum rigidity.
  • Balanced to G2.5, 20,000 min-1
  • Quick changing: the taper shank and the holder connect in a quick half turn.
  • Screw clamp head type promotes easy tool management.
  • Suitable for deep machining of metal molds due to the slim structure.
  • Provides wide machining variations with numerous combinations. 
  • Provides high rigidity similar to integrated type holders.
  • Provides high rigidity comparable to a solid part credit to the elastic deformation properties of the clamping system. 
  • Reduces vibration by taper and face contact. 
  • Easy clamping with only one screw. 
  • Enables the diameter of Tungdrill Twisted (TDX) to be adjusted. Diameter adjusting range of -0.3 ~ +1.3 mm
  • With TungBore, standard TDX drills can cover the usage of special diameter drills.
* Adjustable range of diameter in TDX drill is different by each item. Therefore, please refer to the maximum offset value shown in TDX drill leaflet.*

  • Easy adjustment for correcting misalignment between drill and workpiece on the lathe. 
  • Improves cutting accuracy and tool life due to highly precise installation. 
  • Increases the cutting speed and feed rate by accurate adjustment.
  • Reduces the total machining time. 
  • Reduces damage and prolongs the tool life. 
  • Provides high accuracy reaming and extended tool life due to the unique floating mechanism. 
  • The radial self-floating mechanism corrects the misalignment between reamer and work piece hole.
  • Easy to adjust dynamic balance. It is possible to correct it by simply turning the ring and adjusting the unbalanced amount measured with the balance measuring instrument.

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