EMUGE FRANKEN Hybrid Additive Manufacturing in conjunction with Matsuura Germany.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

“Hybrid Additive Manufacturing” is an additive hybrid process combining Selective Laser Melting in a powder bed with high-speed three-axis milling.

Both process components are process-integrated in one production system. The additive production of the structural component geometry can be interrupted during the process at certain points in time in order to facilitate the machining of internal functional areas of the workpiece which are later difficult to access.

On the one hand, this allows significantly higher surface qualities to be achieved than is possible with conventional laser melting in a powder bed. In addition, the zero point definition by machine-integrated spindle coordinate systems makes it possible to generate high-precision reference and clamping surfaces for the downstream process chain (e.g. on a multi-axis machining centre).

This supplement to additive production with a subtractive process integrated  into the construction chamber enables minimisation of the downstream process chain (milling on a machining centre, electrical discharge machining, etc.) as well as completely new possibilities of design, especially in the areas of tool and mould making, rapid prototyping and small series production, such as a one-piece design of the component, complex internal structures and locally adapted material properties.

The following materials can currently be processed:

• Tool steel similar to 1.2709 / X3NiCoMoTi18-9-5
• Stainless steel similar to 1.4542 / 5XCrNiCuNb16-4
• Stainless steel similar to 1.4404 / X2CrNiMo17-13-2
• Nickel-chrome-iron alloy similar to 2.4668 / NiCr19FeNbMo
• Titanium alloy similar to 3.7165 / TiAl6V4
• Aluminium alloy similar to 3.2381 / AlSi10Mg
• Cobalt-chrome steel

See full brochure here.

Working alongside Matsuura Germany, EMUGE FRANKEN's new technology focuses on new technology with tooling to match. The LUMEX is a unique hybrid production platform that, simply put, can create components that conventional production methods and machines cannot.

LUMEX - Do you have a component which cannot be manufactured conventionally?

The ability to "grow" a metal component in layers with complex internal features and fine mill those internal features, as the layers are added, to give a perfect surface finish are what makes the LUMEX Series such a distinctive, unique and remarkable production platform and machine tool. Offering designers and manufacturers a route to designing what they can imagine, and not be limited by the restrictions of their current production methods, strategies and machines.

Not only can the LUMEX platform manufacture close tolerance multi-material metal components that no other machine tool or system can, it is also revolutionising the component and product design process. LUMEX is defining the process of Additive Manufacturing in Metals, and creating a world of opportunity in Metal Additive Manufacturing.

For more information on the LUMEX visit https://www.matsuura.co.uk/about/lumex/#lumex.

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