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Monday, March 18, 2019

Product Information

The combination of curved cutting lips & X-type Web Thinning provides a unique point geometry that separates this drill from the conventional. When drilling materials that produce long stringy swarf, the problem faced with conventional twist drills is that the swarf wraps around the drill. This lends itself to poor productivity, as insufficient coolant penetrates into the cutting area & the evacuation of the swarf is inconsistent or erratic. The DX Series drill eliminates these issues, due to its generated curved cutting lips, the chips produced are short.

• HSS Co Material
• 35° flute helix
• Super smooth TiAlN coating
• X-type web thinning
• Solid core design

• Accurate positional & hole size
• Optimal point stability
• Produces short chips in long chipping materials
• Eliminates chips clogging or swarf nesting on drill
• Greater productivity in deeper drillings

See full brochure here.

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