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Monday, March 27, 2017

Drilling Fluid End Block using KOMET KUB Centron Drill 

Challenge Part:

Fluid end block Material: 4330 modified, 28–40 Rch
Machine: Mazak H1000 w/CAT50 40 HP
Clamping: Fixture Coolant: Emulsion at 500 psi
Target: Customer would like a safe drilling process that provides short cycle time using minimal tooling.


KOMET V46 411101 Ø4.500” drill head
KOMET KUB Centron V46 50760 Ø3.0” drill
W29 42010.048425 inserts
W29 24010.048425 inserts

Cutting data, Ø4.5”:
Vc = 110 m/min (350SFM)
Vf = 114 mm/min (4.5 inch/min)
N = 300 rpm (300)
Fz = 0.140 mm (0.0055 FPR)
Z = 22.5”

Customer Benefit

We drilled 3 blocks with 5 holes each with a Ø4.5” drill. We rotated the part and drilled the Ø3.0” holes one side, then rotated part and drilled from the other side and reduced the feed to 0.0025”. When breaking into the thru hole, it was important to reduce the feed when drill breaks the center of the part.

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